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Landlord Guide

Landlord Services

Accurate Valuation

Just like selling a property, your first step to a successful tenancy is to book your FREE, No-Obligation property valuation with one of our experienced lettings team.

Property Management

Property Management can be the key to reaping maximum rental returns on your property. Many tenants insist on renting managed properties and are often prepared to pay a premium for this.

Presenting Your Property

You don’t need a Landlord Guide to know that first impressions count, making the presentation of your property critical to a successful let.

Marketing your Property

To find your perfect tenant you need to give your property maximum exposure to a wide range of media.

Professional Service

Our longer opening hours are essential to maximise viewing opportunities for your property. Accompanied viewings also mean we can use our expertise to help let your property.

Receiving an Offer

As soon as an offer is received we will contact you to communicate full details of an offer along with any special conditions to help you decide whether or not to accept.

What We Do?

Longer secure tenancies

Some of our tenants are under long tenancies, meaning that they rent the property for a longer than average time. This results in added security and a constant income for you.

Short time tenancies

We have tenants in search of a property to rent for only a few months, for many reasons. Tenants like this are typically happy to pay landlords a higher rate to secure this requirement.